Take Part

The campaign relies on individual ‘applications’ (or rather non­applications) sent by e-mail to employers who offer unpaid internships.

Letter of non-application

1) Pick a call for applications

Review our Facebook page and pick an organisation/company you feel comfortable with sending the letter of non­-application to.

If you feel that it could compromise in any way your future chances of employment, pick another organisation/company you won’t apply for. As this is a collective action, others can send the letter to organisations/companies of your professional field.


2) Prepare your non-application email

Enter “Internship application” in the subject line of the e­mail or, if applicable, the text specified in the call for applications.

If possible, put the director of the organisation or the head of unit in copy (cc) of the e­mail. Since the campaign aims at awareness raising in the institution as a whole and particularly on a management level, the e­mail should not only be seen by human resources staff.


3) Attach your non-application

Copy the “letter of non-­application” in the body of the e­mail. If your email provider does not allow that, attach the letter to the e­mail and write a typical e­mail of application.

For example : “Dear Sir or Madam, I am applying for the internship your organisation is offering. Kindly find attached my CV and cover letter. Best regards.”

Download the non-application letter as an image (JPEG)

Download the non-application letter as a document (PDF)* available shortly


4) Help us keep track

Once you have sent your non-application letter, let us know by filling out a 30 seconds online form (you can stay anonymous).

Link to the online form


5) Keep us posted!

If you receive any feedback from the organisation/company, please let us know. You can post the message on our Facebook page, message us on Facebook or by email: applyforfairness@gmail.com


Thank you to all lost candidates, and let’s call for more fairness together !